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Hello, I’m Deborah Sless, a highly experienced psychotherapist and spiritual counsellor. People describe me as a Wisdom Talker, a Seeker, a Speaker and Teacher of Universal Wisdom. A Crone for the Modern World!
This website has been created to guide you on your journey towards self-fulfilment through Universal Wisdom. Enjoy exploring the path of Wisdom to transform your life.

Beyond Our Illusions

In my book, Beyond Our Illusions, I combine the psychological theory of Transactional Analysis with the Universal Laws to help you on your journey towards self-fulfilment. I explore the following:

  • The concept of the Universal Laws and their significance.
  • Understanding our own individual Life Story.
  • How to explore our beliefs and illusions and identify which among them are out-dated and holding us back.
  • Achieving freedom – or autonomy – from our illusions and mastering our self.
  • The concept of Spirit as an energy force and how to tap into it.
Beyond_Our_Illusions Free_Book_ExtractBeyond Our Illusions – Click here to download a FREE chapter
Beyond Our Illusions

Apache Blessing

Apache blessing

May the sun bring you new energy by day May the moon softly restore you by night May the rain wash away your worries And the breeze blow new strength into your being And all the days of your life may you walk Gently through the world and know its beauty.

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