Why I wrote ‘Beyond Our Illusions’

In the latter half of the 1990′s, I was introduced to modern spirituality. It was during this time that I began, like many people, to learn about the existence of Universal Laws.

I found what I read fascinating, but I was very sceptical as to their validity. It was difficult to find any material that went into any depth about the Laws. Most of the time a Law was mentioned in passing, but without an explanation: it was only expressed as a statement.

I had found, and still do find, some spiritual ideas difficult to believe in , but I do believe that there are things beyond our current understanding and I try , therefore, to keep an open mind. So were the sayings “Ask and you shall be given” or “As you believe so it becomes” really true?

There were a few books around that mentioned certain Laws, especially the Law of Belief or the Law of Attraction. I learned later that these Laws are sub-Laws of the Master Law of Cause and Effect. Some of my clients were also reading those books. Over a period of time my clients brought to their therapy sessions questions relating to their reading about Universal Laws. In particular my clients could not understand the reasons for the Universal Laws not working in their favour despite following what the books said to do. These clients believed that they were doing it right and now wanted to know what they were doing wrong.

I found myself gradually answering their questions by explaining how their psychological issues were preventing the movement that they were seeking. I showed them how these issues were manifesting the situations or conditions that they wanted to change. I soon realised that I was using theoretical concepts of Transactional Analysis (TA) to explain fully the process that my clients were experiencing.

I became very excited by the realisation that I could prove the wisdom held in some of these spiritual principles by concrete psychological thinking.

Beyond Our IllusionsThe Universal Laws cannot work in our favour until we identify and remove the psychological issues that are preventing the shifts in behaviour that we desire. In my book I combine the psychological theory of Transactional Analysis with the Universal Laws to help you on your journey towards self-fulfilment. I explore the following: The concept of the Universal Laws and their significance- what they are and how they impact our lives. Understanding our own individual Life Story, written by us as children, and the beliefs that we have formed in our childhood. How to explore our beliefs and illusions and identify which among them are out-dated and holding us back. Achieving freedom- or autonomy- from our illusions and mastering our self. The concept of Spirit as an energy force, accessible to those of all religions, and how to tap into it. Genuine self-development is not easy and I provide readers with the tools and framework they need – through clear explanations, examples and exercises- to begin a journey of discovery and change. All I ask is an open mind and a desire to learn.

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